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We are educators who have both trained under leading experts in the field of assistive technology and enjoy incorporating the latest apps into our teaching and respective learning communities. We founded iEd Consultants in 2015 and have been successfully training students to use ipads in the classroom and at home as a powerful learning tool.
We create individualized training programs to meet each client's unique learning profile.
We offer training for parents and teachers to support students on the iPad as well as in school support for students for technology integration.
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We can be reached at or 4165640604 or 6479909434.
Galit Moyal, MSc candidate, Special education specialist
Miriam Greenberg, MEd, Special education and adaptive instruction

SLP4ALL - assistive technology support - Dana Sahian (SLP) - (647) 926-4255 -  -


Under The Umbrella Tree Educational Services
Providing ABA and IBI services among other Autism related services
508 Champagne Dr, Toronto, ON, M3J 2T9 - (416) 850-9980-

List of all Assistive Device Companies in Canada - www.ic.gc/eic/site/ict-tic.nsf/eng/h_it06119.html


Danielle Miller - Sales Consultant

Tobii Dynavox and Mayer-Johnson Canada

Office - 1-800-344-1778 ext 7989

Cell - (416) 568-3342

Special Needs Computers

2B - 300 Welland Ave

St Catherines, ON L2R 7L9

Assistive technology and Office Ergonomics


BRIDGES Canada (Ablenet)

6523A Mississauga Rd, Mississauga, ON, L5N 1A6


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